Young creatives competition


YCC Guidelines

The YCC Choreography Competition will feature the following age sections:

  • Under 8's 

  • 8-10's

  • 11-13's

  • 14-18's

The YCC Competition is open to entries from current students of SGDA & SGDA Graduates only.

Entry Deadline: May 1st 2020

Entries to be submitted by Watsapp (07891456184) or by email ( by 5 pm on May 1st 2020.

The following categories will be featured:

  • Solo Tap, the routine must consist of tap technique and primarily tap work. It is preferred that tap sounds must not be pre-recorded on the music track.

  • Solo Jazz, the routine must consist of primarily jazz technique.

  • Solo Ballet, the routine must consist of ballet technique and include classical steps and movements. Students must be well trained in pointe work by Miss Gallie if this is to be included.

  • Solo Lyrical, this is an interpretive dance category and must be modern in style. The routine can be a combination of jazz, modern and ballet techniques incorporating balance, control and musical interpretation.

  • Solo Contemporary, Contemporary dance is a series of dance styles extremely interpretive in its choreography and should include an innate focus on alignment, opposing movement and raw emotions.

YCC Rules

  • Music must not include any actual explicit lyrics. Music must not feature any actual or implied adult or offensive themes.

  • All choreography content should be original, not copied from TikTok, YouTube or the like.

  • Entrants will be judged on technique, execution, music synchronization, creativity and 'stage presence.'

  • Timings:

    • Under 8's no shorter than 1 min but shouldn't exceed 1 min 20 secs

    • 8 - 10's no shorter than 1 min 20 secs but shouldn't exceed 1 min 35 secs

    • 11 - 13's no shorter than 1 min 45 secs but shouldn't exceed 2 mins 30 secs

    • 14 - 18's no shorter than 2 mins 15 secs but shouldn't exceed 3 mins

  • All entries should have a clear theme or message running through their piece

  • Props & costumes are permitted but not essential

YCC Prize

  • All entries will be adjudicated by a panel of industry professionals, and one winner from each age section will be selected and announced on May 15th 2020.

  • The winner from each age section will receive a YCC winner's medal, an SGDA Tote Bag, 1 free ticket to the SGDA 2021 Showcase and the opportunity to perform a solo in the SGDA 2021 Showcase! Wow!


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