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Would your child like to be a student assistant at SGDA? If so, we have a number of openings for our voluntary student assistant programme.

We are looking for students aged 10+ who would are reliable, dedicated, and passionate role-models for our younger students, priority will be given to our Senior & Elite students.

The role of a student assistant is to provide in-studio support to the Teacher by helping out the younger students in class. Their role frequently includes assisting with toilet trips, taking class attendance, handing out props, keeping the children focused and giving 1-1 help when required; this role ensures that our little ones never feel 'lost' in class.

With the next dancing year being a 'showcase year' our student assistant's may also have the opportunity to be an on stage helper.

Student assistant are able to develop leadership skills, get work experience with the children, improve their own dance knowledge and technique, alongside developing their own self confidence. For dancers who are considering a role in teaching for a career the student assistant role shows them the other side of the 'classroom'.

We will provide in class training for the student assistant's as we know that although they will be eager, they may feel a little awkward to start with and so we will help them to live up to their full potential.

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