Anne, Parent

"Sophie is a wonderful, kind & patient teacher who continually brings out the best in my daughter and her friends in their various dance classes. Sophie's teaching style is both professional and caring whilst ensuring she instills a sense of self-discipline during her classes. She interacts superbly with both parents and children. I would absolutely recommend the Sophie Gallie Dance Academy to anyone looking for a professionally run dance school in Chester with a personal touch.”


Meriol, Parent

“My daughter attends a Ballet and Tap/Jazz class at Sophie Gallie Dance Academy. I cannot recommend Sophie's class highly enough, my daughter loves every second of it!

Sophie is extremely professional in her manner and her teaching. Her classes are organised and well run. My daughter is progressing beautifully under Sophie and her guidance. ”


Lucy, Parent

“We highly recommend this dance academy and believe it's the best in the area. Our daughters both attend the academy and have been going since 18 months of age, over 4 years.


It is a safe, secure and fun environment where your child can enjoy a range of dance classes that are taught to the highest of standards.


Sophie is an excellent teacher who has every child's best interest at heart. The children love her. We are proud to be a part of it. We love the shows the academy put on too, we get to see our daughters and the other students perform and they love it."



Ex Faculty Member of

The Hammond School

"Sophie has a very natural way with children and this instinctive skill combined with her obvious in-depth knowledge of dance techniques make her a wonderful and inspiring teacher.


She gives children access to all of the fun, independence and freedom of self-expression involved in performance, along with the development of self-discipline, commitment and resiliency to prepare children for graded dance examinations, professional training and potential careers in the arts.


I can't recommend SGDA highly enough!.”

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