Spring Term Update 3

I didn't think I would be sending update 3 so close to update 2!

Following tonight's announcement, we will be starting the Spring Term on Zoom, week commencing January 18th 2021. We have done this before and so we can do it again, hopefully for the very last time!

We understand that the government will be reviewing this regularly so remaining positive, we will hopefully get some studio classes in before the end of the term. But for now, let's embrace the fact that the dancers can still receive their training online... if this had happened ten years ago online classes wouldn't have even been an option!

Our intention is always, is to ensure that the dancers still receive the highest quality dance training whilst staying on track with their syllabus progressions. But also, that the dancers have a personal and enjoyable experience of Zoom classes; we shall be mixing it up a little bit this term and adding some opportunities for student interaction and team challenges throughout this stint on Zoom.

The Elite and Senior Jazz and Contemporary classes will be conducted by Miss Warburton who will be working with them towards being eligible for Contemporary examinations and will be running their new 'Jazz Performance' classes.

The thought of Zoom could leave us feeling deflated, but let's try our hardest to see the best in the provision of Zoom. Our dancers love being a part of SGDA, they love dancing it is their happy place. The studio is very helpful, yes, but a dancer is not defined by the studio.

Your dancers are still going to be getting their training, they get to see their friends, plus you get 'child-free' time at home without the travel!

We will be in contact closer to the time with the Zoom codes as we know they often go astray if we send them out too early!

Thank you all for your continued support, we like all other businesses are doing our best to keep our heads above water and we are so grateful to have such a supportive group of students and parents.

Our very best wishes,

Sophie, Dave & Lucy

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