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Due to the Covid-19 outbreak, SGDA has taken all classes online. Classes will be delivered live via Zoom, by enrolling at SGDA and taking online classes you agree to the following disclaimer:


*pre recorded classes are subject to the same safeguarding rules in place for all events and classes

 *you agree to take the following extra precautions while taking lessons from home


1. You have enough room to participate in the activity without there being any obvious risk of injury to yourself, to others, or risk of any damage to surrounding property. Sophie Gallie Dance Academy cannot take any responsibility for injury caused from dancing in an unsafe environment.


2. You ensure the flooring in the room is safe for the activity to be undertaken.


3. You give parent/guardian consent for your child to participate at home, in any pre recorded dance class from SGDA.


4. You ensure that where appropriate and especially in respect of activities for children, participants have a suitable parent/guardian present at all times and have their consent to participate at home.


5. No videoing/recording of any class is permitted under any circumstance and not shared on any social media

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