Looking for a dance school in Chester? Well, since it's beginning in 2011 SGDA continues to grow in student numbers and by reputation, being recommended by some of the top vocational dance schools in the UK. The academy prides itself on the welcoming, warm, caring and professional atmosphere which no doubt brings out the best in the students.

SGDA provides excellent training in classical ballet, pointe work, tap, jazz and contemporary dance. Ballet provides a strong foundation for other dance techniques so great emphasis is placed on the importance of ballet technique, students are encouraged to enrol in a ballet class where possible, alongside other dance techniques.

The RAD Ballet Syllabi is followed with aspects of the ISTD Tap, ATOD Jazz & Contemporary and Acrobatic Arts incorporated into some of the timetabled classes. Examinations & Class Awards are available for RAD Students, however, that is not the sole focus of the training which takes place at the academy.

Training at SGDA goes beyond that of an ordinary dance school, the SGDA Staff strive to provide students with well-rounded dance education, students are encouraged to work with professional production companies, take classes with staff members from the top vocational dance institutions in the UK and to benefit from workshops taken by current dance industry performers.


Students with the required ability are encouraged to audition for the associate and/or full-time places with other reputable schools and performance companies, for example, The Hammond School, Elmhurst School of Dance, The Royal Ballet School, National Youth Ballet, English Youth Ballet, Tring Park and Birmingham Royal Ballet.


The staff at SGDA fully understand the importance of each individual student and so strives to provide the best learning experience for each individual child whether that be vocational or recreational. Children gain confidence and self-assurance throughout the varied classes and develop musicality, friendships, memories and overall enjoyment of dance.


If your child wishes to pursue dance professionally, Sophie Gallie Dance Academy is the stepping stone that your child needs.

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